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A colonoscopy is an endoscopic exam where a long, slim, flexible tube or “scope” is situated into the rectum and advanced through the entire colon (large intestine). A light and a camera on the end of the scope allow the provider to examine the colon's interior. A colonoscopy may be done to diagnose the cause of intestinal symptoms, such as diarrhea, bloody stool, abdominal pain, or abnormal x-ray results.

Based on the person's history, a colonoscopy may also be done on a patient with no symptoms at age 45 or younger to test for colorectal cancer and tumors. As leading experts in intestinal wellness, the board-certified GI specialists at Digestive Health Center commonly perform colonoscopy exams. Please contact us for more information on colonoscopies in Ocean Springs, MS.

You will receive instructions from your Digestive Health Center provider regarding the necessary bowel preparation for your test. Most patients consume only clear fluids the entire day prior to the exam. There are several options for laxatives to empty the colon. It is essential to follow the instructions given to you by your provider. There may also be additional orders concerning your prescriptions. In most cases, your medications will be continued as usual. However, special instructions might be given in specific situations, especially for patients on blood thinners (i.e., Plavix®, Coumadin®, warfarin, aspirin, anti-inflammatories) and diabetics. Patients will be advised not to consume anything by mouth following midnight except for medications.

You may be directed to arrive at the endoscopy office 1 – 1.5 hours before your procedure. This permits time to fill out documentation and prepare for the test. You will be instructed to wear a hospital robe. An intravenous (IV) catheter will be started in your vein so that calming medication can be given. You will be attached to equipment allowing the specialist and nurses to monitor your heartbeat, arterial pressure, electrocardiogram, breathing, and oxygen concentration throughout and following the colonoscopy.

When you reach the procedure office, you will be directed to position yourself on your left side on the examination bed. The IV medication will be started. Tiny amounts are given to ensure your safety and provide only the amount you require personally. Once a sufficient level of relaxation is obtained, the provider will do a rectal exam. The colonoscope will then be carefully introduced through the anus. The scope will be gently fed through the colon to where the small bowel and colon come together. Using the scope, a small amount of air is placed into the colon to help the specialist see the colon's lining. Any fluid left in the colon after the preparation can be washed and absorbed through the scope.

Based on the exam results, various things may be accomplished during the test, for instance, biopsies, the removal of polyps, and the control of bleeding. At the end of the procedure, as much oxygen and excess fluid as possible is removed from the colon via the scope. Based on the findings, the test takes approximately 15 – 30 minutes.

After the exam, you will be taken to the recovery room to be monitored while the medication begins to wear off. The amount of IV medication used during the test and your personal response to the drug will decide how rapidly you will awaken; however, most patients are lucid enough for discharge within approximately 45 – 60 minutes.

You will not be permitted to drive for the remainder of the day following your colonoscopy with our Ocean Springs, MS team; therefore, you will need to obtain a ride home. You will also be instructed not to work, sign essential documents, or perform demanding actions for the remainder of the day. Most people can consume food and liquids as usual after their dismissal from the endoscopy office; however, specific directions concerning exercise, eating, and medicines will be provided before discharge.

Following the exam, your GI specialist or nurse will review the results with you. Most patients will not remember what they are told following the exam due to the effects of the sedation medication. It is recommended, if possible, to bring a friend or family member along with whom the results can also be shared. You may also go home with a written report. You will typically be notified of any biopsy results within one week.


To an extent, the alternatives to the procedure will rely on the reason for needing the colonoscopy in the first place. In most situations, a colonoscopy is the best method to evaluate and treat irregularities in the colon. There are other x-rays that can evaluate the colon, like a barium enema or virtual CT scan. However, these exams are merely diagnostic tests, and addressing any irregularities will require a colonoscopy or a surgical process.

Usually, a colonoscopy is an extremely safe exam. All in all, complications appear in fewer than 1% of patients. The majority of issues that arise are not fatal. Be that as it may, if a problem occurs, it might require hospitalization and surgery. Before the procedure, the nursing personnel will review an acceptance form with the patient. Should any questions or problems arise, these can be discussed with your provider before beginning the test.

Drug reactions associated with IV medication can arise. These can include but are not limited to allergic responses, trouble breathing, effects on the circulatory system and blood pressure, and aggravation of the vein used to deliver the sedation.

Bleeding can occur with biopsies and the removal of polyps. Again, significant bleeding, which could require a blood transfusion or hospitalization, is usually rare. However, bleeding can occur during the exam or up to two weeks after the procedure if a tumor is removed.

Penetration or puncture of the colon can occur. This may be identified during the procedure or could not be apparent until later in the evening. In most instances, a puncture will need surgery and a hospital stay. This is a rare complication, even when polyps are removed.

It is vital that you call your provider's office immediately if symptoms occur after the procedure, such as worsening intestinal discomfort, bleeding, or elevated temperature.

Like any other test, a colonoscopy is not foolproof. There is a small, recognized risk that abnormalities, such as growths and cancers, can be missed during the test. It is essential to continue to follow up with your provider at Digestive Health Center as advised and notify them of any original or lasting symptoms.

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A colonoscopy is considered the “gold standard” of all testing methods for colorectal cancer. Unlike other testing systems, a colonoscopy allows for the examination of the entire colon. In addition to offering the most comprehensive screening, it also permits the discovery of tumors and their extraction in just one procedure. In other testing methods, the ability to remove polyps is not available, and if the test returns positive for tumors, you will potentially need a colonoscopy. You can request a colonoscopy in Ocean Springs, MS by contacting an office near you. A standard colonoscopy may save your life. If you would like to receive more information on how to get a colonoscopy to ensure the health of your colon, contact a local Digestive Health Center without delay.

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