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Y. Google

Dr McNair has treated me since 1983. My Mother n law was seriously ill in SRH. Dr McNair came in ICU and saved her life. That year 1983 I made an appt to be one of his patients. He had not been on the Coast very long at all. But took me as new patient…I still am a patient of Dr A McNair. He’s Brilliant. I love the whole team❤️ May 1, 2023

C.T. Google

Dr. Is awesome. The wait to get in and while there sucks.

J.S. Google

He is the bomb! I LOVED him when I was sick. And he is very entertaining too.

S.T. Google

Dr McNair is extremely knowledgeable in his profession and has an excellent bedside manner. He explains what he is doing in terms that I can understand. Him and his staff is always professional!!!

A.B. Google


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Your gastroenterology needs are at the forefront when you choose our team at Digestive Health Center. We’re a network of skilled and experienced GI professionals who are dedicated to getting you connected with the right resources and treatments. Our team looks forward to becoming a trusted source for your GI needs throughout the Ocean Springs, MS area. Improve your digestive health today and schedule an appointment.

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A colonoscopy can be a life-saving procedure. This quick, 15 – 30 minute procedure has the ability to prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases of the large intestine. A colonoscopy is a form of preventive care, which is just as vital as managing and treating other GI conditions. Proudly serving the Ocean Springs, MS community, our GI specialists can utilize a colonoscopy to diagnose the cause of troublesome symptoms or screen for serious conditions, such as colorectal cancer. You can trust the gastroenterologists at Digestive Health Center to prioritize your gastrointestinal needs. Take control of your GI health with preventive screenings that could end up saving your life.

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Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis are among the most common types of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD). Many Americans are affected, with around 1.6 million currently impacted by these diseases. IBD is a chronic condition that’s typically diagnosed in patients before the age of 35. As a chronic condition, it can be treated but not completely cured. There are approximately 70,000 new cases in children and adults detected each year.

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