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Yellow coloring of the eyes and skin is defined as when the skin, in addition to the whites around the eyes, develops a yellow hue. In adults, the cause can be liver conditions, blocked bile ducts, or cholecystitis (swelling in the gallbladder). It results from elevated amounts of bilirubin (the red-orange compound created during the breakdown of red blood cells) in the blood. It can also be widely seen in newborn babies when the liver function is limited and unable to remove enough bilirubin. At Digestive Health Center, our experts can help identify the reason behind this symptom. For further details about what produces yellowing of the skin and eyes and why it occurs, request a consultation with our Ocean Springs, MS digestive health specialists today.

While it is usually an issue affiliated with liver dysfunction, this symptom can also be due to an inherited blood condition known as thalassemia, where your body produces an insufficient amount of hemoglobin. Yellowing of the eyes and skin may also be a result of the listed diseases:

  • Sickle cell anemia
  • Cancer of the pancreas
  • Gallstones
  • Hepatitis A, B, C, D, and E
  • Acute inflammation of the pancreas
  • Bile duct obstruction
  • Cancer of the liver
  • Infection
  • Alcohol-related liver conditions
  • Hepatic cirrhosis

If an infection triggers the yellowing of the skin and eyes, individuals might also experience fever, chills, abdominal aches, flu-like indicators, dark-colored urine, and clay-colored bowel movements. If it is determined that the yellow color is not because of an infection, you might have a drop in weight or itchy skin (pruritus). Our providers can diagnose the cause of this symptom and render the proper intervention needed to alleviate the yellowing of the skin or eyes in Ocean Springs, MS patients.

Yellowing of the eyes and skin generally indicates a current medical condition. It can suggest an issue in the liver, pancreas, or gallbladder. It is essential to seek care for this issue as soon as it is noticed, as immediate assistance is needed to allow the ideal treatment to be started. The treatment for yellowish eyes and skin will differ according to the root source. For example, when you have acute viral hepatitis, the yellow tone will return to normal by itself once the liver starts to recover. However, a surgical procedure might be needed if a clogged bile duct is the source. To find out more regarding the symptoms and interventions for yellowish skin and eyes, we encourage you to speak with a digestive health provider at Digestive Health Center. They will walk you through your treatment options and recommend what would benefit you.

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If you are experiencing yellowing of the skin or eyes, it is vital to get the condition looked at as soon as possible. It could be an indicator of a preexisting health issue that requires a diagnosis. Contact the experienced GI specialists at Digestive Health Center to request a consultation. Our team is proud to provide solutions for yellowing of the eyes and skin in Ocean Springs, MS and can help make sure you receive the appropriate care.

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