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A lateral internal sphincterotomy is a surgery performed to treat anal fissures. An anal fissure is a small rip in the tissue lining the anus and is characterized by discomfort and bleeding when passing stool. The internal anal sphincter muscle is under constant tension, but an increase in pressure can cause the appearance of anal fissures or prevent an existing fissure from healing. If you need a sphincterotomy in Ocean Springs, MS, our providers can help. Reach out to a local Digestive Health Center to request an appointment with a gastroenterology provider near you to have all your questions answered.

This surgical procedure may be beneficial to patients dealing with anal fissures. Anal fissures can manifest with the following symptoms:

  • Pain with bowel movements
  • Itching
  • Bleeding

Some anal fissures may be able to resolve on their own or with the aid of home therapies. Lateral internal sphincterotomy is recommended in cases where more conservative treatments fail to heal the fissure.

A sphincterotomy is done on an outpatient basis under either general or local anesthesia. Your Ocean Springs, MS specialist will make a minor incision in the internal anal sphincter. This incision in the muscle decreases the pressure, allowing the fissure to heal. The incision will be sutured with dissolvable sutures or may be left open to allow for natural healing. As is the case with any surgical procedure, lateral internal sphincterotomy might include some risks and complications, for example, inability to control stool or gas, bleeding, pain, infection at the incision site, and trouble with urination. We urge you to discuss the complete list of possible risks and benefits concerning this procedure with your Digestive Health Center gastroenterologist.

Anal fissures have been known to close on their own. Still, if you are dealing with an anal fissure that will not heal and is not responding to the more traditional treatment methods, a sphincterotomy may help you. If you have additional questions regarding the sphincterotomy or alternative treatment options for anal fissures, we encourage you to contact a local Digestive Health Center provider. As a physician-led team of gastroenterologists, we strive to provide patient-centric care for GI conditions like anal fissures. If you are searching for a digestive health specialist who performs sphincterotomies in Ocean Springs, MS, please request an appointment at a nearby location today.

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How effective is sphincterotomy in treating anal fissures?

Sphincterotomy is a highly effective treatment for chronic anal fissures, with success rates often exceeding 90%. This surgical procedure relieves pain and promotes healing by reducing tension in the anal sphincter, which enhances blood flow to the affected area. Most patients report significant symptom relief and rapid improvement in their condition after the procedure, making it a dependable option for those who have not found relief through conservative treatments.

Will I need to stay in the hospital after a sphincterotomy?

A sphincterotomy is usually done as an outpatient procedure, meaning an overnight hospital stay is not typically required. Most patients are able to go home the same day once the sedation wears off. Your doctor will give you specific guidelines based on your unique situation and the complexity of the surgery. Recovery can usually be managed at home, and you may return to your regular activities within a few days, though full healing might take a few weeks.

What should I expect in terms of pain management after a sphincterotomy?

After a sphincterotomy, managing pain is crucial for a smooth recovery. Your doctor will probably prescribe pain medication to help manage any discomfort post-procedure. Sitz baths, which are warm water baths designed for the perineal area, are often recommended to ease pain and support healing. Following your doctor’s instructions for pain management is essential to ensure a comfortable and effective recovery.

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