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The insertion of a feeding tube, also referred to as PEG or percutaneous endoscopic gastronomy, is a treatment in which a tube is placed directly into one's stomach. This tube creates a path for fluids, nutrition, and medication to pass immediately into the stomach without passing through the mouth or esophagus. This treatment could be beneficial for a patient with problems with swallowing or other difficulties consuming an adequate amount of nutrition orally. If you have any questions or concerns regarding feeding tube insertion in Ocean Springs, MS, it is best to consult an experienced GI specialist. Please request a consultation at a local Digestive Health Center to hear more about this treatment option.

Feeding tube insertion or PEG is commonly indicated for patients who are unable to consume an adequate amount of nutrition orally, such as people who have difficulty swallowing. Sometimes a feeding tube is only needed for a short time, although in some cases, the patient will use it for the duration of their life. The length of dependence on a feeding tube is based on the condition's cause. The tube will require regular replacement to prevent deterioration or clogging. Depending on why the feeding tube insertion is necessary, a person may or may not be allowed to ingest liquid or food by mouth. If the tube is recommended due to difficulty swallowing, such as following a stroke, you will likely have restrictions placed on your oral consumption. Some people with a feeding tube are still permitted to drink or eat after the insertion. It is imperative to discuss any possible eating restrictions with your Digestive Health Center gastroenterologist.

The PEG is a common procedure, but as with any medical procedure, it may have a few risks. Some examples of the possible complications of a feeding tube insertion might include pain near the tube's entry point, dislodgment of the feeding tube, and bleeding. Discuss with your specialist any concerns or risks that could be of more consequence to you. Before placing the feeding tube, it is imperative to discuss the risks and benefits of this procedure with your Ocean Springs, MS gastroenterology provider.

Feeding tube insertion can facilitate the passage of nutrients into the body when taking food orally is impossible. If you require a feeding tube, we encourage you to consult with an experienced gastroenterologist at Digestive Health Center. As a physician-led group of GI experts, Digestive Health Center aims to provide patient-focused service that goes beyond the standard of care. Contact one of our board-certified gastrointestinal specialists if you have additional questions about feeding tube insertion in Ocean Springs, MS or other methods for gastrointestinal tract conditions.

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