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The condition of lactose intolerance is prevalent among U.S. patients. Milk sugar (lactose) is the dominant carb in milk and additional dairy products. The body could be “intolerant” of lactose because it doesn't develop a sufficient amount of the enzyme lactase to break down lactose.

Lactase is an intestinal enzyme generated in your small intestine that helps break down lactose. Lactose intolerance is a harmless condition, but it can cause unpleasant symptoms depending on your body’s intolerance levels. Some patients refer to lactose intolerance as a dairy allergy.

If you need treatment for lactose intolerance in Ocean Springs, MS, our gastrointestinal providers can help. Request an appointment at Digestive Health Center and let our knowledge and expertise lead you on the right path toward a better life.

Lactose intolerance is due to the body’s incapacity to produce, or a deficiency in the generation of, lactase. A couple of the major causes why your body is unable to generate a sufficient amount of lactase to assist in breaking apart lactose include:

Primary Lactose Intolerance

Primary lactose intolerance is the most common form of lactose intolerance and is due to the aging process. The more you age, the less lactase your body develops. This sort of lactose intolerance might partially get passed through hereditary factors and affects specific populations more often than others. According to the food intolerance network, lactose intolerance affects 5 – 17% of Europeans, about 44% of Americans, roughly 50% of Hispanic/Latino individuals, and 60 – 80% of Africans and Asians.

Secondary Lactose Intolerance

Secondary lactose intolerance usually occurs when the small intestine is damaged due to an illness, injury, surgical procedure, or more severe issues like Celiac disease or Crohn’s disease. This is due to lactase production declining when the duodenum (small intestine) becomes enlarged. Treatment of the condition could restore the purpose of the duodenum (small intestine) and restore lactase amounts to normal.

For additional information about lactose intolerance, contact a Digestive Health Center in your area to connect with a GI provider who can address the condition. Our GI team can provide knowledgeable tips and details on how to best treat lactose intolerance.

The symptoms of lactose intolerance can fluctuate for every individual depending on the amount of lactase they can generate. A few of the typical signs of lactose intolerance involve:

  • Occasional constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Bloating
  • Nausea
  • Gas
  • Abdominal discomfort

If you observe any or all of the listed signs or symptoms above, our GI providers in Ocean Springs, MS can help and will identify a treatment approach that works well for your needs.

The ideal thing to do if you are lactose intolerant is to avoid dairy products entirely. There is currently no possible way to encourage lactase manufacturing in the body. Therefore, therapy aims to prevent the uneasiness resulting from ingesting lactose. If you view lactose intolerance as a dairy allergy, that may help direct you in the choices you make.

Other treatments and solutions for living with lactose intolerance that our Ocean Springs, MS GI providers might recommend include:

  • Prebiotics and probiotics
  • Lactase enzyme supplements
  • Include minimal servings of dairy products into your meals to establish a tolerance
  • Ingest lactose-reduced dairy items
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If your lactose intolerance is too much to handle, let our knowledgeable gastroenterologist providers at Digestive Health Center intervene and assist. We can put together a treatment plan that helps you restore your GI health so that you may continue doing the things you love. To find treatment for lactose intolerance in Ocean Springs, MS, connect with our team at a location near you today to request an appointment.

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